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 . . . . . Steps Towards Empowerment


Social Capital Formation


 Promotion of Women's Self-Help Groups :

The main focus of the Trust is SELF-HELP - A Key to Women's Empowerment and Self-Development. Efficient planning, budgeting and savings are essential components for economic sustainability.

Sampada believes in the approach of organizing women (active involvement of all women) into SHGs of 12-20 members each regularly practicing saving with internal lending as an essential activity. These SHGs are federated at the village level, called the Sanyukta Mahila Samitee (SMS). This apex body comprises of two representatives of each SHG in the village. The SMSs plays a vital role of assessing the credit worthiness of each SHG. It acts as a pressure group facilitating repayment and as a ‘solidarity platform’ for mutual support learning and reaffirmation.  

As on 31st Mar. 2017  3,724 SHGs, having 50,274 women members in 844 villages have been formed by Sampada Trust.  .  



Capacity Building :

Empowerment is basically a process of capacity building of the people. Sampada Trust regularly organizes in depth training exchanges and exposures on relevant themes for SHGs, SMSs, Mahila Parivartak (Women Promoters) and for NGOs and individual promoters and for its own staff so as to increase knowledge and information  and enrich the person..

Some of the important programmes deal with issues such as: Panchayat Raj Institutions, management of SHGs and SMS, their records and documentation process, management of micro finance and micro enterprises for NGO's,  leadership skills for NGO's. 

Capacity building training programs not only provide a platform for women to voice their opinions but are also a powerful tool in stimulating exchange of ideas and networking among the various partner agencies.  The  trainings are oriented towards expanding the SHG and NGO movement in Maharashtra.  


Trainings :

Sampada Trust organizes trainings to enhance the entrepreneurial competencies and managerial capacities of women, unemployed youth for NGOs, CBOs, etc. The trainings are organized as per the need, viz. capacity building, specialized  training and skill based training.  


Micro Credit : Capitalization

Micro finance has become a major tool for development. Sampada Trust was instrumental in provision of timely credit to SHGs through SMS till 31 March 2013. The microfianance portfolio was then taken over by our sister concern Sampada Entrepreneurship & Livelihoods Foundation (SELF) w.e.f frpm 1st April 2013. . 

As of 31st March 2013  a cumulative total of Rs. 68,36,66,624/-  has been disbursed to 137,416 women through 11,771 SHGs. . 


Micro-Enterprise :

Sampada Trust provides motivational, information as well as managerial inputs to SHGs through (SMSs) for undertaking income generating activities and micro enterprises. 

The process commences with identification of the potentials, resources, women who are ready to take up entrepreneurship as a career option. Training inputs which cover the aspects of motivation, financial organizational, accounting and marketing management are provided. Our focus is on providing non-credit inputs along with credit  to these entrepreneurs for the start up and survival of the enterprises so as to make the activities sustainable and economically viable . In order to promote the enterprises we are in the process of developing appropriate financial products for entrepreneurial women and youth.

Sampada Trust has also undertaken preparation of Livelihood Action Plans for diffrent clusters across the state of Maharashtra, MP,Orissa and Jharkhand. These livelihood action plan were prepared in IWMP programme in Maharashtra and watershed projets in other states.

Sampada Trust also assists Dept of AH,GoM for conducting training programmes for livestock development and management through their projects under RKVY and MACP.

As on 31st March 2017 Sampada Trust has conducted 75 Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Development Programmes with the participation of 2,824 women members. Livelihood Action Plans for 14 clusters involving 155 villages were prepared and submitted for implementation. Five training programmes were conducted for village level lady Link worker under MACP, involving 177 VLLLW. Four training programmes were conducted for selected entrepreneurs by DAH under RKVY for 96 participnats. 146 participants attended National level workshop on use of Agrotextiles organized by Sampada Trust , Ministry of Textiles GoI and SASMIRA.
Recently we have launched programme for developing dairy and goat rearing for around 1000 families from this financial year.


Micro-Insurance : Social Security 

This is a new intervention of Sampada. Women in the villages felt the need to secure their lives and livelihoods; however, the insurance service was not accessible to the rural poor. Considering the demand from the rural areas and the need of security for women, Sampada initiated provision of insurance policies at their doorsteps. 

Sampada functions as a corporate Agency on behalf of two major insurance companies in order to provide "at-the doorstep" services to women in remote rural areas who otherwise would have no security cover whatsoever. Risk coverage is provided by way of life as well as general insurance. Health insurance is now offered on a pilot basis

During the period from 1st April 2008 to 31st March 2017, 128,844 persons have been insured


Social Development Activities

The representative body of women's groups - the SMS that is accepted by the village, consolidates the concerns of women and finds solutions to the expressed socio economic demands

Implements activities such as drinking water, latrines and sanitation, health and hygiene promotions, exchanges and melawas, etc. have made Sampada's women self-confident and accepted as contributors to the development process in their villages. As on 31st March 2017 ,161 interventions are implemented for social development activities. Growth monitoring and child care is undertaken in 370 villages as on date


Download Annual Report 2015-16